First Leopard on US soil!

My bro and fellow M30 enthusiast Mark told me about a Nissan Leopard on US soil, in Seattle nonetheless (where I used to live). It’s been kinda secret, but it’s gonna get out soon.

As an enthusiast, I wanted this. I wanted this BAD!!! But not $9000 desperate. Maybe if it was a Zenki.

Then again, it is an Ultima Turbo.

So I tried to finance it through my credit union. I didn’t want to take a personal loan, I just wanted to see what the chances of getting it were. It was financed through my credit union, it would be at a cheaper rate.

So I went through the notions and applied. I had to apply under the “classic car”. Of course I was met with the typical, “it’s not an American classic”.  So I asked what would constitute a classic that was American or European? It is a rare car, first documented in US soil (there was a mention of a zenki in Canada).

It wouldn’t work out and I also don’t know if it would have been able to come to California on top of that.. well, not a daily driven car for that matter.

$9000 (the asking price) is pretty steep. It is also knowing that you can build an M30 with a VG30DETT or RB26 or 1JZ for that cost. But my resources were not enough (I spent money in Japan and Hawaii. Then when I came back from those vacations, I bought a $3000 M30).

You can probably pick up 3 M30s and fix with that cost. Nonetheless, I wanted to be able to say I own a JDM leopard.

My ego wanted to say, “First in America with a Leopard”. I wanted that title. I wanted to own an authentic leopard. I wanted to keep this leopard in it’s purest form to show how great it is by itself because I am an enthusiast of the F31 chassis.

But it is NOT my dream zenki F31. So it is something I did not want to pursue further if I couldn’t get it through financing.

So, for now, I will not pursue this car.





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