The Gold Package

There were always a rumors of  a Gold Package for the M30. I asked the Infiniti dealerships in 2006 with no definitive answer.

What is the Gold Package?

Instead of Chrome trim, it was Gold trim, this included the M30 emblem in the back as well.

I can’t definitively say this, but in my years looking at M30s, I’ve seen this on white convertibles, but mainly convertibles. Mark (mmokm30) also did some research into this gold trim as well.

One of the members, GlennPDX, had an M30 convertible and he had the Original Infiniti Dealership convertible options catalog, which I have not seen to this day.

Maybe it was an option that got lost like much of the Infiniti M30 information.

Credit: FA Motors for the above pictures.



Justin E. saw this one in Oregon. Notice the trim under the eye and grill.



Here is a Grill emblem from a gold package vs the normal chrome one.


Often times, I’ve seen a mix of gold and chrome trim. Here is an example from a car I was grabbing parts off of. The trunk Infiniti and M30 emblems were gold too.

This one has chrome under trim with Gold trim grill and emblem.





From a few leopard owners, they tried to get the Gold package items. Arai told me that he tried to get all Gold pieces directly from the dealership, but they did not have it available.

Satoshi’s gold M30 lettering.


In closing, The gold trim, like many other items, will always be a phenomenon for the M30 community. It is a detail many of us overlooked throughout the years.

Mr. 25/8 – Tangerine M30

Mr. 25/8 was one of the resident F31s that was entered into DB drags.

“System components:
Jensen HU (soon to be Alpine touch screen)
Kinetik HC1800 starting batt
Kinetik HC2400 trunk batt in spare tire location
Crunch GP3000D-Pro Amp
Crunch GP4150 Amp
JL Audio 6×9’s and 6’s
All speakers wired w/ knuconceptz 12awg wire (subs with 10awg)
All wire from Knuconceptz ($150 to be exact)
2 Fi Audio 12″ Bl’s Fully loaded (Should be here next week) can take 1500w rms each
Building an enclosure next week (4.6cuft 47x16x16 @ 34hz) gonna take the whole trunk up”

In action:  2 12″ Fi Audio Bl on 3k


Eventually he sold it, it found its way to Oregon, where it passed to a couple owners and ended up in Washington State as a parts car.

🙁 RIP OG M30!!


Update: I recently got a hold of Edward!!! Truly amazing and he has more information and pictures! I can’t wait!!!


JC – New Zealand

I met JC on an New Zealand forum.

“I was told about this website by F31Roger from I’m the confused owner of a 1990 Nissan Leopard. I bought it cheap recently from a friend with the intent of selling it for profit, this failed but now I’m considering keeping it. Roger told me to join so I can find out more about these cars.”


I believe JC had 1 of 2 Leopards in New Zealand.

Honorable mention: James V8 M30

James was on facebook. He was part of Daft Innovations. They do tons of LS swaps (and sell LS swap kits)

James first posted and initially got props for the swap… but then people started to say his car wasn’t much because he kept it automatic (with plans to swap it).
The swap was so clean and the stock shifter was used, it looked factory and OEM.

James and I communicated a few times and I was suppose to see his car (in Modesto). Timing never matched up. Then I believe he crashed his car and started to part it out.

Even more devastating news, James passed away. I did not know him that much or his problems, but I had no problems with him and he was a solid guy in my book.




F31roger 1.0

My first M30 was my midnight rider. I always drove that car!

After my 2000 Civic was attempted to be stolen and caught fire (the thief would melt the inner fender lining and reach up to pull hood pop cord.. alarm went off and he ran.. I know who he is too and I own him a solid one!), my civic was totaled.

I swore off Hondas due to the thieves that like them. I started to look on Craigslist for a Q45. I saw an Infiniti M30, first $700, then $500, then $300.. way out in Anacortes, WA. So I decided to go check it out. I looked online first and came upon the old forums. When I found out they were Nissan Leopards, I asked my friend in Yokohama and he said he will get me some items.

I went to check out the M30. Big dents here and there, hood was dented from hitting a deer, headlight had a big hole in it, but had putty plugged it up. Starting the car was off because the flexplate was missing teeth and so I had to pull the belt until it was safe to start.

The guy said, “$100, I need it out of the yard”. The back story was, his brother in law was going to prison and he left 3 cars there (all with titles). He offered the 2 other cars, but they were nothing to me.

I figured the engine or something was bad… but after we got it started, I took it for a test drive and it was solid! I get back and gave him $100. Drove it back to Renton and drove my EG civic back to Anacortes to pick up my 240sx.

BEST $100 I’ve ever spent. Took a couple months to find a hood. Also got the JDM headlights.

I loved this car sooo much! I represented F31club in this car ALL THE TIME.



In 2007, I moved to San Francisco. I underestimated the living space here and my poor M30 just sat while I was in school. Then my boys came along and I needed something practical. My wife’s distant relative said he wanted it and he promised that when I was ready to buy it back, he’d give it to me (so I took all the JDM stuff out).

I wanted to get my m30 back, he disappeared. Rumor has it that he got into an accident while intoxicated… which really angered me.

I do not know where it is ;(


Jeff was one of the convertible guys. He gave a few of us a better insight of the convertible. See at the time, f31club wasn’t focused on convertibles, once we started to get the forums organized, some of the vert guys wanted their own section. Which became vertville. Also, many of the core members had coupes, so it was hard to relate to the issues the vert guys were having. But I was glad that a few of them started to make it their priority and home.

One of the items we didn’t know about was the parade boot cover.

Convertible boot



Mike was probably one of the first to lower an M30. He used R31 springs. He converted his transmission to manual, but after it broke, he lost interest in the car and it sat in Stockton for a bit. I met up with him out of the blue one day when I passed his house. I don’t know what has become of the M30. But it was pretty cool and these pictures, even for its time, was impressive.