M30 passenger seat change

One of the most common problems that plagues the M30 is the interior. Often times, the first visuals can make or break the purchase of the car.

Many M30s have ripped seats. There is basic wear and tear, but some M30s, the years of heat and sun exposure just takes a toll on the back seats…

So finding one with good seats isn’t common, but some M30 convertibles do have well maintained seats.

My coupe didn’t. But last year, I talked to someone at an upholstery class and she said she wouldn’t mind doing my seats. I got a spare set from the junkyard and gave it to her to see what she could do.

Since then, I’ve been kinda keeping them in my storage. I’ve been waiting to clean out the interior of the M30 and recently I just had this motivation to get things done.

I had to take take off the frame and rails and put them onto the new seat.


this is the passenger side seat.

So on the left side, 1 screw holds the plastic cover. take that off to expose the seat belt bolt and another bolt that holds the rail to the side.

12 mm takes off this bolt that holds the sliding rail.


The seat belt is 14mm. 


On the opposite side, 2 screws for the plastic cover, small screw for handle.

at each end of the sliding rail is 14mm bolts.

BECAREFUL as there is tension them and one slide can sling shot!


The only thing cable that needed to be disconnected was this one. I took off the c clamp and the screw that that attached to the wire.


BECAREFUL. This is the side that sling shots.


After that, I moved everything and reattached all the components.

the seat is complete.

The driver’s seat.. that is a bit more complex.

While the seat is out, it is time to clean the interior.

Front end lighting

I am fortunate to say that my brothers in Japan have secured me some Zenki front end parts. They are big. Hood, fenders bumper… those are not simple stuff to ship. So I have to figure out what to do.

Til then, I gotta put on my JDM headlights.. yeah!

So for months, I’ve been kinda hesitant to put them on just yet. I wanted to do it correctly and hooked up right. When they were on my original M30, I had it set up like a normally working car.

  • when you turn on your parking lights, the foglights will come on.
  • when you turn on your headlights, the low beam should be on by itself.
  • when you flash or set on high beam, it should work just like a normal car.

The fog light is H3c bulbs. We don’t have H3c here in America. While I was in Japan, I bought some H3C bulbs. Noguchi-san secured me some new h3c plugs as well!

This system utilized having relays. I’ve bought some heavy duty relays off Amazon. These seem to be an upgrade compared to my O’Reily’s ones I bought in 2005.



The corner lamps. In the US, these are not turn signal, they are just marker lights. Obviously different in Japan. Here was my comparison back in 2006. So there is more wiring that needs to be done. I didn’t hook these up because I had one that had a huge crack in it and I never got around to getting a new set.


Bumper lights: In the US, they are the turn signals and have a clear lens. The Japanese were amber.

Wiring not different!


Upon taking off the lens, I didn’t know the differences. The M30 has chrome housing, while the leopard has a grey housing.


When I was in Japan in October 2017, I was able to pick up leopard bumper lights with clear lens!!! (different design, more transparent). And a Leopard grill emblem that has LED light in it.


I was gonna put the lens on my chrome housing bumper lights. Looked okay.


But with the grey housing… wow.. too me that is sexy!!!


I mentioned the grill emblem. I bought it and it is has LED wiring! I couldn’t believe it! It is one of the very few MODERN modifications that Japanese brothers do.


Additionally, I’ve always wanted to get my fender marker lights on too.

For the headlights, bumper lens and even the grill emblem, I’m gonna put on some clear bra to help avoid rock chips.

While I did drive my old M30 with the leopard headlights for years without any coating, I just feel that I want to protect them. The reason I got the JDM headlights was because my first M30 had a crack lens and I couldn’t find a set. But there were a few leopard ones on YAJ and so I got a set.

I’ve even thought about having the grill emblem hooked up to a switch too.

Quick wash and getting the interior together.

I’ve been super busy lately. On top of my regular full time job at a Children’s Hospital, I picked up extra days at an adult hospital doing adult echocardiography.

If that wasn’t enough, I was approached by a big tech company about doing R&D to develop software/program to read heart rhythms with “wearables” such as I-watches and exercise bands.

Some goals have been funded because of the extra work. (Wandering Leopard 2018…?)

While the money is good, it has given me less time to fool around with the M30. I’ve had a list of projects I’ve been wanting to do.

  • Need to clean up the car really good. I finally gave her a bath, but needed to do more. She came out nice. I started to clean up the interior so I can put the new front seats in. But I’ve been wanting to do a deep cleaning on the carpet. So I might do some more removing.


  • I’ve been going around getting quotes on painting the M30. Initially, it was just about painting the bottom portion of the car. I then decided I need to just repaint the whole car. Keep the Blue Grey storm color, but change the bottom to a gun metal grey. This has been kinda going back and forth as prices have ranged to 5k. I don’t want a cheap paint job, but I also am not repainting a brand new car… so I’m trying to convince myself what is a good price for a good quality paint job.


  • As aforementioned, I’ve been sitting on some redone seats for awhile. I was waiting to get the rear seats done (as I figured I’d have seat covers by then) but now I feel like I should just put them in. I will have to disassemble the old seat brackets and add it to the new ones. 


  • Changed the wiper blades
  • Gonna talk about the front end really quick (next post)

More to do!

Modified Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Zenki 1/64

I saw this on YAJ. I have all the Vintage Neo Leopards and they are pricey ($20 each). So when I see on modified, it is really cool to see.

This was made by uchida0125


★ Tomica Limited, vintage, Nissan, Leopard early period, deep rim, Shakotan reform, present condition delivery, tire will not rotate. I am using a new unused model, but since it is scraping the chassis, the body inside etc., at the time of remodeling, I hope in junk treatment. It is making of amateur’s hobby range. The more nervous one should withhold a bid. Since it does not accept any cancellation after a successful bid, please offer a bid after examination. Those with a new ID and those with 3 or more bad evaluations due to the highest bidder convenience may be deleted even if they are bid, so please understand. Also, we ask that you can close the deal in about one week from the first contact from us in principle. Shipping fee is ¥ 220 per unit for non-standard-size mail, but it may vary depending on weight and packing method. I try to measure it as accurately as possible. Since we calculate shipping fee by weighing for us, we may rarely get an error, please understand we are not going to make a request for the difference and refund at that time. We will correspond as much as possible if there are other delivery methods you would like. Since I have otherwise sent it, I would appreciate your favor. In addition, we will try quick dealings, but please contact us only for those who can acknowledge it may be delayed due to the circumstances of us, work.


Closer look at the Convertible spoiler

There have been a few people who have attached the convertible spoiler onto the M30 coupe. First being Ricky aka C4Nitriousboi.

When I was in Japan for the 31st Nissan Leopard Festival in October 2017, I was able to make a side by side comparison. I knew the spoilers looked close, but seeing them upfront, I was able to determine the differences.

Nissan Leopard vs Infiniti M30 spoiler

After I realized they were pretty much the same, I thought about getting a spoiler to have that “leopard look”. I remember a few months back, I was able to look at a spoiler and how it was mounted.

My Blue Grey storm M30 was molested with an aftermarket spoiler that didn’t seem right on the car. I took that off quickly. Thought about the Vert spoiler, but never came upon til this time.


Opening the trunk, I unbolted 4 nuts. One on each side of the spoiler, and 2 by the 3rd brake light.


On each side, there is also a gasket between the spoiler and trunk. There seems to be plastic clip in the front.


The 3rd brake light. Attached to the trunk, with 2 nuts and the wiring for the trunk. The 3rd brake light, housing is metal! so it is heavy. 4 screws at each end hold it to the spoiler. There is also the plastic piece as well.


I thought about buying this, but when I talked to the cashier, he said spoiler is $40, but since there is a 3rd brake light, $15 more.

I decided not to get it because I thought it was too heavy for the M30 trunk. While it does look good, M30 coupe trunks are not shock supported like the M30 convertibles. So this would again, make the trunk heavy and I would have to use a prop to hold it up.

2nd Leopard on US soil coming soon


Tuanies send me this on messenger.

This was on YAJ a few times and for a good price. It is a 2.0, possibly a VG20DET with AT if I remember correctly. A couple guys came on facebook asking if they brought it over, would someone have interest in it.

Let’s see!