Salesforce Park and Transbay Transit Center

This just opened up the other day.. but it is an elevated park 4 stories above SF streets, 5 blocks long, in downtown SF. It sounds amazing and it truly was pretty damn cool.

I don’t know all the little things of this, as there are still a few things that being worked on, but you go up 4 stories to reach the rooftop park.¬†¬†There are various trees and grass.. food court, climbing structures for kids… tons of benches and it is well lit.

Below the park itself, is the bus systems of AC transit, Muni and Greyhound. I believe the underground level will be for BART, CALtrain and if it ever gets done, the light rail.

I arrived there late as I wasn’t expect to check it out, but decided to last minute. That little time had a huge impact and left me impressed!

I should have took more pictures, but I was doing live streams on FB and IG. As I was trying to go to the other end, security started to shut down the park, which is open til 9pm.

credit – CurbedSF

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