First M30 meeting on US mainland Part 1 – May 2006

The Hawaiian group have had a few meetings (Strikevalk Mark and 240sx Kenny) and I’m sure Renny, J and David can be all there too. The first and original record was 2 M30s in the picture.

So this started when Jacy and I bought a gold M30. He wanted the front bumper because his was damaged from shipping from Hawaii. I lived in Seattle and the car was in Seattle. Jacy lived in the Bay Area (Dublin outside of Oakland).

I had the car towed to a car storage yard and got the bumper off. I tried to fix the motor, but it was bad. So then it became a parts car.

I was planning on shipping the bumper to Jacy, but then I said I will drive it down there. When I discussed this, I contacted everyone in Northern California to come out that weekend.

After my 12 hours of night shift, I began the journey.

I pulled some long days/nights the last few days. Wednesday I worked on the gold m30 getting all the parts needed for Jacy and my wheels that I needed to put new tires on. Stayed up all day and went straight to work. After that, slept for a few and started busting out some more maintenance checks and running around to get all that I needed.

Then last hour before I leave, I couldn’t get the bumper as one piece go to into my trunk.. so i ended up taking all apart and putting it in the trunk. I left a little after 2 pm.

2 am in southern Oregon.


15 hrs, 1 rockstar energy drink, 130 bucks in gas later,  I arrive in San Fran around 4-5 am in the morning. Passed out then Brian (Sexym30) gave me a ring bout coming to Sacramento to do my exhaust. Being new in San francisco, I got lost by staying on one freeway and ended up being even more lost. Cancelled and went back to Daly City to relax. Got the call from Jacy and we meet up. Started to work on getting his bumper together.


During the time we were changing his bumper, a black widow was crawling where we working! Killed it.

Called up Ricky(c4) and he was busy, so we’ll meet up tomarrow.
called up Brian and Brandon and seeing if they wanted to meet up.. they said after they get done with the movies.

So Jacy and I fill up gas and head to IHOP to eat and waited for Brian and Brandon to call me back.


I took a picture of our cars while in the parking garage.


Brian and Brandon called me up. They needed to get gas… so we went to the nearest gas station.

We cruised to find a place to take some pictures… started with the Nissan dealership.


I was looking for better lighting, so we drove to a Vitamin Shop.

WE CHILLED TIL 3 IN THE MORNING!!!! That was really cool and fun to meet you guys.. Props for staying out late!!!!

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