When I was 18 and I got a drivers licence, I bought a Leopard because I love it
since F31 has released.

1987 LEOPARD XJ-II white/gray

But I span and broke it down.
After that, I bought another Leopard again because I didn’t want to loose that.

1986 LEOPARD Ultima dark blue/gray

I took care of the car a lot. Suspensions, coatings, card-entry system and so
There weren’t any issues. It was really comfortable, beautiful coating, I was so

About 2.5 years after, a Leopard was displayed at a used car shop nearby. It
was an Ultima and the colour was gold.
I sold mine and I bought the car just after I found it out because I love the one
because of the TV series “Abunai Deka”.

1987 LEOPARD Ultima gold/gray

The condition was worse than the dark blue but I was very happy.
The Ultima was pretty rare that it has a sun-roof, a car audio, a LSD and the
colour is gold. Only dozens of Leopards with the specification were sold.

I got the car during I left the gold one at a repair shop. I had it for 2 months
or so.

1990 LEOPARD Ultima black/gray

My 4th Leopard. The color has been white, and it has painted gold once.
I painted it again after I got it because the condision was not good.

1986 LEOPARD Ultima gold/gray

It’s my current Leopard. Yes, it’s a Kouki. I wonder if you notice it with the
model year. The front of the car was replaced to the Zenki, and the colour was
painted gold.


Painting the dashboard.

The seats were replaced to the Zenki.

The meters were replaced to the Y32’s stuff.

And the dashboard was replaced to the Zenki.

Some other parts were also replaed to the Zenki stuff, so most people
wouldn’t notice the car is a Kouki.

It still has some scratches and damages on the body so I would like to paint

I’m going to write about the time Leopards were released. See you then.

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