2017 is the 31st year the Leopard came out.

It’s 2017, 31 years ago, the F31 Leopard was released (31 yrs – F31… get it?)

There hasn’t been significant action as a whole for F31s, such as meetings.

So this year, I think MANY of us need to make this year significant.



It’s February 1st, 2017. I’m going through old forum posts and I come across one called RE: California M30 meet (http://forums.f31club.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3603)

The post was dated January 2010 by M30leopard and socal72. They had a mini meet (Southern California mini meet – January 2010).

I don’t think I ever talked to M30leopard or socal72 because this was during the period I was absent on F31club.

Anyways, the thread sparked EZ22 (Eduardo), Hachiboy(Roger V) and Thehillbilly(William) to start coming up with meets. Now, the thread progressed to a decent size sign up lost of people who were suppose to come…

That meet did not materialize the high turn out of M30s expected, but those 3 mentioned did show up.

For months, I’ve been kinda thinking of meeting up with f31 owners in Southern California… and when I counted the number of people I know currently who own M30s, I thought

“We can easily pass the 8 M30s record we set in 2006”

Robert D. was telling me he was planning to to go JCCS (annual Japanese Classic Car Show) and I know William’s Desert 8 has shown up in the past. I figured why not make it a cool weekend by everyone going to JCCS and at the same time having an M30 meeting. This could be motivation for people to come out knowing a car show, meet and cruise.

I also mentioned that the M30s that have showed up (mainly Craig, Roger V and William) have always got their cars photographed on speedhunters. This even will have automotive journalists, bloggers, sponsors, vendors…and imagine having 10-15 M30s showing up? It will make a statement.

Now this is months out and if it is planned right and everyone commits… it would be very interesting…

Let’s see if it happens… Kinda excited!

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