Freakmont Nissan meet- Fremont, CA – 2006

I rolled up in my beat up M30!!! LOL… anyways, always represent.

I had just moved to the Bay area and I wanted to start meeting new folks to hang around. I want to say this was a Nissan event.

I love seeing different builds, so seeing the G20s and other FWD Nissans was cool. I was initially hanging out with a ton of Nissan guys because it was about promoting Nissan Pacific.


Anyways, the model that was there was Nikki Cash!!! So let me tell you some back story. Nikki Cash, DMX808 and I would always be on AOL Chatrooms back in the late 98-99. Anyways, I caught up with her and it was a trip!

Anyways, here are the pix..







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