H. Itabashi – Ultima M30

I remember someone posted a Zenki digital gauge cluster in an M30…  I was shocked because that was a dream for me in 2005. Yokota-san and a few others went to help with the car and I he sent me more pictures.

It is ultimate M30

That was his words. I do wonder if translation was lost and if it meant, Ultima M30. 

Regardless, I thought it was super interesting as the few pictures I was shown were the typical M30, but with custom touches. Then I saw the Zenki front!!!!


When I met Itabashi-san, he showed me pictures on his phone and I also found out he had a Gold Zenki as well. After we met in Daikoku Futo, I asked him if there was anything he wanted from America and he wanted the Z31 auto shifter.

See, the Zenki is RHD, but it has the same shifter as the Z31, just mirror imaged. This car being LHD, the shifter normal Zenki shifter didn’t look or feel right.

So I was able to get him one and it really accents the car since it is LHD and a Zenki!

Itabashi-san’s attention to detail is amazing. He thought out this car very well.


But May was not the first time I bumped into him. He was at the Oct 2016 meeting with his Gold Zenki.

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