VANKulture NorCal meeting at DIY or Die shop 2018

If you didn’t know, I’ve been blogging for ‘s website. I like to look at myself as an extension of VK because I don’t know if I fit in their standards (Bagged vans, big rims…). If you haven’t seen by now, I’m actually into OEM and stock.. with a touch of aero.

But I do enjoy vans and I love both my Previa and Sienna. I got both for functionality and I feel they look awesome just stock.

Anyways, I’ve met VK NorCal family at a few events such as Shukai 2017 and Wekfest 2018 just to name a couple, but even extended to some of other regional chapters such as VK Canada and VK Japan.

Anyways, it’s the end of 2018 and there was a VK potluck at a shop called DIY or Die.

DIY or Die is a shop with the DIY in mind. $35 an hour, but you get access to a lift, and tools galore!!!



Of course the Vans!!!