#YEAROFTHEVERT F31Roger’s Vert plan

After I picked up the M30 vert in November, I was hoping to get things in motion with my cars. The plan in December was:

  • Previa – after a year of trying to figure out what to do, I decided to get the Previa fixed. So it was sent to the body shop. Expected 2 week.
  • Sienna – CV boots and Driver side strut needs to be replaced. Then someone scuffed my rear bumper.
  • M30 Coupe – Get Zenki front end on the way.
  • M30 Vert – Take to body shop, exchange door, wait til March 2019, fly up and drive down.

Feb 2019 –

  • Previa was taking longer, but that eventually lead to getting the door fixed as well. Also the suspension needed to be straightened out and they did that. 2 months later and $1900 later, My Previa is moving straight!!!
  • Sienna – ordered up the parts and will get installed soon. The next day after the bumper scuff, the rear bumper was repaired and repainted covered by the person who bumped our van. Additionally, I paid a few hundred to paint the corner of the front bumper that got scuffed up in the pothole.
  • M30 coupe – The shipping company has been delaying shipping of my parts for various reasons. I kept asking for updates every 2 weeks and there was always something. Finally, As of Feb 26, they said I can ship my parts to their partner in Osaka. But that doesn’t tell me when it will be state side. The quote for the Zenki front end + Estima Roof rack is $1200.
  • M30 vert – Paperwork needed to be straightened out as we found out that a new title needs to be gotten from the DMV. Jim said he will get this week!

The original plan was to get the M30 convertible was :

  • December/January – Get the M30 vert in the body shop. Change out door and change out handle (for key cylinder) to replaced door. Take everything off the door (window, interior door handle, window amp, anything I can take off it).
  • While in WA state, have the cooling system taken cared of (water pump, thermostat, hoses, belts..etc)
  • End of February or sometime in March, fly to WA and drive down M30 convertible.

Obviously, that didn’t happen as planned.

Once Jim gets the title, I can register the M30 Vert and take it to the shop and get it taken cared of.

Quick list of parts:

  • Door (Jim provided)
  • New Door hinge pins (2)
  • Got climate control and need to replace.
  • Got another fender to replace.
  • Got trim that goes along the edge of the trunk.
  • Got another Nissan Stagea cup holder for the vert
  • Gotta have the boot too right?



Update – going through my stuff, I realized that I had an extra dash mat I found in an M30 a while back. While not tan, still good to use.

The idea was once I get the Zenki front end, I will use the JDM leopard headlights and front lip on the M30 convertible.

The other day, I was going through my mind on the timeline of when I would go get the convertible since I don’t think it will be done in March (I could be underestimating though).

Something interesting popped up in my mind.

In May, I will be in LA for the first week and the last week, I will be in Japan. Once I get back, my family will be going to Vancouver BC for the summer. This will give me time to go to Vancouver BC… then it hit me! I’ll be able to hit BC with the M30 vert!!! So my plan is to meet with Jim and Al in Seattle and then get up to Vancouver BC. Now… it might not sound as cool in person, but let me tell you, BC has some picturesque areas! Like, old school brochure backgrounds. While I did have the Gold Leopard as a representation at the dealerships… I’m thinking a full scale vert would be awesome!

The plan is to fly up in June sometime (hopes of it being done) and drive it down. I want to have it ready for RADwood in August. This will be the summer cruiser! I can’t even being to think how awesome it would be to driving it top down with that front lip.