Infiniti Dealership Challenge – San Jose

I couldn’t believe how many Infiniti dealerships were in the bay area. I’ve been to most of them (red check points).


Within the immediate bay area, I had 3 dealerships left (green check marks):

  • Peninsula Infiniti (I used to go here after Colma Infiniti closed down in the mid 2000s)
  • Stevens Creek Infiniti
  • Beshoff Infiniti

I’ve been planning to hit these up, but weather and timing have always complicated the drives. Finally, this past Saturday night, I decided to get them completed. My plan was to drive down 880 and start from east San Jose to up the peninsula going north.

Beshoff Infiniti – first stop, didn’t have access to the parking lot and at a busy intersection. Luckily, they had a large shoulder to park, but I couldn’t go across the street as it is was busy, even for the evening.





A short drive lead me to Stevens Creek. I always enjoy the open lots some dealerships have. I’ve also been to this dealership before.

I don’t know why, but the layout and lighting made for awesome pictures! Also tried to squeeze in some parked cars to give the “used car for sale” feel.

The last dealership isn’t a new one to me. In fact, after Stewart Infiniti (Colma) closed up a few years back, I would go to Peninsula Infiniti.

This concludes the immediate Infiniti dealerships within the proximal bay area.