Nissan F31 Leopard diagram books

Even though I don’t have a leopard, I started to collect items pertaining to the leopard. Most people gravitated to emblems and aesthetics, which is fine. I do as well, but I remember when the we started F31club, we wanted a way to help people that didn’t have M30s.

So I spent extra money on the leopard manuals. I did this because I wanted to help the European and Australian owners that jumped on F31club hoping to get info to fix their cars.

Jacy spent hours scanning them and then they were available on F31club. I didn’t realize it until I want to Japan in 2016, but this also helped out the Leopard brothers. Tanaka-san and a few others thanked me because I made it available and they saved money.

The service manuals (smaller books) covers pretty much everything about the leopard. There are diagrams, break downs and of course the specs and ranges for diagnostics. Also covers all engines, trim levels/engines, .i.e XS with V20DET to Ultima VG30DET.

The larger books you see here are the diagram books. Circuit and electrical break down diagrams.

Each set (service manual and diagram manual) is for both Zenki and Kouki Leopards.