#YEAROFTHEVERT Tomica Limited Vintage Neo M30 convertible!!!

I stumbled up on this… such a work of art!!! TLVN are usually $20 for the Leopard. I always give props to people who truly go all custom and have creativity!

made by: Smory750



This is a second-hand product that is a modified version of Tomica Limited Vintage’s late leopard.
Remodeling points
Solid black OP (convertible is pearl white, burgundy, black only), roof cut, tonneau cover production, US corner (processed flat), front and back infinity emblems, repainted parts (M30 for clear winker lens, etc.), California number ( (With number frame), low down, 5-spoke 20 inch (equivalent) wheel & red paint caliper, genuine rear spoiler (comber was made by myself because it was standard rear spoof, TLV base without our rear spouse.)
The interior is
Left handle (M30 instrument panel is completely different, probably new because it has the same shape as the R31 export specification), AT shift knob & side brake lever (left offset), front and rear seat belts & front belt guide & rear belt, rear seat (coupe Is a three-seater and the convertor is a two-seater), sun visor, room mirror, floor mat, paint on each part, etc.
Although it was just a sedan, I sometimes made a different genre.
Perhaps this is the first modeling since I have never seen it before. May
How about Leopard enthusiasts or those who like US specs?
This time, there are also open parts, miscellaneous parts, ara and repair marks (with touch-up).
I hope that the highest bidder will look a little away with a loose feeling like junk.