2020 just started and already 4 verts in Northern California junkyards

In January, there was an M30 convertible in Oakland Pick and Pull.


I come back from Japan and see 3 more!!!


I actually went to the one in Rocklin to try and get the bumpers, but they were completely gone. They also took the windshield, but destroyed much of the interior doing so:


I did how ever save the parts I needed to not be a total waste.


I had limited time and it takes like 1.5 hrs to get to Rocklin from where I live… so I just spent time on getting the windows and picking up a few pieces here and there. I was mainly looking to get the bumpers and rear quarter glass, but I couldn’t pass up on the tail lights as they were sitting there.

When I found the boot, I used it as “mat” to lay on the parts cart so the glass wouldn’t be damaged. It was rough, but would rather save it than let it go to waste. I grabbed a few small bits and tons of screws laying around.

Fenders were trapped because they placed the bottom of the fenders on the support to hold up the car (welded wheels).

I want to go check out the car in Modesto and Moss Landing, but both are equally far!

Anyways, at this point, it is about saving as much stuff as possible.