COVID19 Projects – 90s to 2k accessories

When I decided to do a retro style build, one thing that crossed my mind was getting the small items I loved. I had a few Pivot items and that is what started the obsession. I then thought about the what other companies from back then I could get a hold of.

I remember Razo was everywhere for their pedal covers… and so I remember Project Leopard didn’t have that. I really wanted the TI set (silver and light blue), but I wasn’t able to find them. I did find the GT black set… and even found the dead pedal (which I need to figure out how to replace the M30’s dead pedal with).


I started to get some of the Pivot items I loved… and while I had an Ignited push button in my EK civic, I had to get the Pivot and it is blue too!!!


I also got some old skool JDM stuff, and will figure out what to do with them.

Vintage JAZZ coin holder


While looking for the Pivot miniature shift lamp, my friend Ken said he had something similar and a box full of other stuff. We met up and he gave me a ton of stuff.

Broadway mirror, 12v plug in lights!!!



I also got my Eurolites fog/city lights!!! and Wasabi Cars sticker!!


What I want is people from this era to walk by my car and have that nostalgic feeling I have looking at these items. Again. A tribute to the era the companies.