COVID19 Projects – Organizing storage units

I have 3 storage units. All filled with misc car parts and what not. A lot of M30 parts in all 3.

My immediate one is a small storage under my apartment. I didn’t take pictures, but I was able to clean it up. This is where I keep most of the stuff I would be using often. Example like my tools and some of the M30 stuff I will mess with.

My other storage unit is filled with boxes/containers of car parts. I go there to put some long term stuff I wouldn’t be using such as my Estima stuff (which I need to work on my previa..)

My main storage unit houses most of my M30 stuff and some of the bigger items (Previa running boards and estima roof rack/spoiler). This is where I keep most of my stuff that I constantly move or have ideas for.

I was gonna try and make this kinda like a workshop.. but I will have to shift a lot around!! I have containers/crates with tons of parts and I figure I could spend a few hours just getting things properly together.