COVID19 Projects – Rusty Bumper repair

When I got the zenki front end, I started to take it apart. The bumper/ bumper reinforcement was pitted and rusty, but not crumbling. I anticipated it being heavily damaged and hit up a welder to patch it if it was that bad.

Once I got it off, it was again, pitted and rusty. I tried a few chemical items such as CLR, but this was something that I felt would needed to be walnut blasted. So I contacted a few businesses and got a quote of $400.

I kept those quotes and put the bumper reinforcement on the back burner.

When I got Project Leopard, I thought, maybe I could put this zenki front end on it… and that really triggered something in my mind saying I needed to get it all together and get it ready.

COVID19 let me look at all the projects I had piled up and I decided to tackle this first. Since I had time, I decided to break it down into sections and spend hours on each section with sand paper and if could, Dremel what I could off.


I spaced this out between 2 weeks and broken down into sections. I started with sanding down and once I got it cleared and wiped, I sprayed rust reformer primer.

I thought it would go by quick.. but it really took a long time! LOL.