COVID19 Projects – Spare rear bumper repair

Part of the Diana kit deal was a trade for M30 bumpers (equal to the Ultima bumpers in Japan). I picked up 2 bumpers since the new year. One had this crack and the other had broken pieces screwed together.

Anyways, this was “dirty in looks” and spray painted as seen here.



It looks dirty because the person tried to glue it back together with rubber cement!!! I had to peel that crap off and it actually looked cleaner after a few goes of sanding.



There are 2 patches of filler as you can see. Tiny cracks from the back side.. nothing super big.



It’s really not that bad as it looks like a puzzle piece!



I pulled out my plastic welder and checked to see if any of my rods were a match. They weren’t. I used the universal black flat pieces to actually melt on and it held from the back.

I was planning on fiberglassing the front, but I decided to order polyurethane plastic welding rods and try to do it properly from the front. Once those come in, I’ll finish it up and sand it down.



I ordered some Polyurethane roll from Amazon and when it came it, I got to it.