GK Tech radiator fan

I’ve been spending time and effort on Project Leopard. Most of the focus and research has been on the RB25det build. I just started to research cooling and saw that GK Tech had some radiator fans that increase cooling. Checked out the link and video. Additionally, I haven’t really given my Blue M30 any upgrades. That has to change. I bought 2 fans for each car. While simple, I do love the design and I do like a lot of GK Tech parts.



It was mentioned that if you want to use on VG or RB, you need to get the adapter plate.

From GK Tech:

The GKTECH high-performance engine fan has been designed and engineered in Australia with the intention of pulling more air than the factory item.

When tested on a dyno the GKTECH high-performance fan took less than half the time to cool down from 90 degrees to operating temperature (good for next time you’re on the start line at the track).

Super easy to install, simply remove your factory fan (4 bolts) and install the new fan, it is a direct replacement clutch fan to suit SR, KA, RB, VG engines

An adapter is needed to fit RB/VG engines, as seen here: https://au.gktech.com/rb-vg-clutch-fan-adapter

– Direct replacement of the standard fan
– Pulls 60% more air than the factory SR fan
– Pulls 40% more air than the factory RB fan


Available here:



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