Ultra Heaven radiator bracket for Project Leopard

Ultra Heaven (IG Ultra.heaven) was measuring his R31 for a radiator upgrade. He also check to see how the Project Leopard’s were set up. They were identical.

In the magazine, they decided to use the OEM M30 radiator with R33 fan shroud for the OEM look and it worked. Somewhere down the line with a different owner, they decided to put in an S13 radiator and made some brackets on the bottom of the radiator support for that.

I figure I needed to upgrade my radiator anyways, so when Luke (Ultra Heaven) and I talked about about it, he threw out the idea of the Koyorad S13 LS v8 swap radiator. Luke test fitted the radiator, took measurements for mounting and leveling.


He then sent me a picture the other day of the mounting bracket rough draft. While I think it is all good, he said just a few more tweaks and its good!

Very excited. Koyorad upgrade, but also custom parts from my friend in Arizona. Again, the history and build of Project Leopard has expanded to Arizona.