Here is the list of engine and transmission stuff so far. As soon as the engine starts coming together, then we can play more!

  • RB25det S2 block – honed, new plugs, tested….
  • Tomei oil restrictor
  • CP pistons
  • King Bearings – rod and main
  • ARP head studs
  • Tomei metal head/intake/exhaust manifold gaskets.
  • RB25det head – checked and serviced.
  • Tomei valve springs
  • OEM camshafts – checked
  • Franklin Engineering head drain kit with hose
  • Oil pan with welded bung
  • Franklin Engineering Billet alloy Cam covers seals
  • Phase2 clear cover
  • RB25det transmission
  • Nismo clutch disc, pressure plate and flywheel
  • Greddy Intake manifold 
  • RB25det Throttle body (replace Q45)
  • Upper radiator hose insert (for Greddy intake manifold)
  • RB25det TPS 
  • RB25det exhaust manifold with heat shield
  • OEM timing belt and idler tensioners 
  • N1 Water pump
  • N1 oil pump
  • Greddy timing belt
  • Nismo thermostat
  • RB25det Rear main seal 
  • Nubis Exhaust manifold studs (raw brokerage)
  • Nubis Rear main seal bolt kit (raw brokerage)
  • Nubis oil pan bolt kit (raw brokerage)
  • Phase2 Cam gears (blue)
  • Phase2 pullies (blue)
  • Phase2 Fuel rail (blue)
  • Phase2 550cc injectors
  • Tomei timing belt
  • Tomei Arms Turbo MX8562 
  • Syko Performance elbow
  • Trust Downpipe
  • Grex Oil filter relocation kit
  • Trust Oil cooler
  • Clockwork customs LS alternator adapter bracket and pulley
  • Platinum Racing Products alternator backet
  • PRP bracket/Wiring Specialties R35 coil pack set (coils, mounting bracket, shorter stalks, harness)



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