Changing the wiper blades

It is time to change the wiper blades. I was at Target and saw some wiper blades for sale. I was kinda surprised that the little guide went back to 1990, so the wiper blades for the M30 were available.

Sizes 19 and 21 are for the wiper blades, 21 being the driver side.

To change out, it is good to know that there are a few different ways wiper blades are attached. For the M30, it is a hooks style. This is important as wiper blades came with a few adapters for the other versions.

The older wiper blades can be removed by stand up the wiper arms and pushing down on the wiper blades, opposite of the hook.

I compared both lengths to the old wiper blades to make sure they were the same.


The wipers don’t need any of those adapters, but there is a plastic piece that is where the wiper blades. Pull one side up and make it 90 degrees (or straight up)

Once it is straight up, it will come out.


That plastic piece slides into the wiper arm hook.


Attach the wiper blade to the plastic piece and take off the yellow wiper blade protector and you are done.