Convertible Top motor maint

Convertible Top motor maint (by Drewzee87t)


Drew found a reason why his top motor wasnt working, so he replaced some hoses and got it to work.

Here is what I found when I diagnosed the hydraulic system yesterday, all the oil shooting out of this cracked hose.

I went to the Lowe’s and got this stuff:

I think it cost $1.70 for the tubing, and like 3 or 4 bux for fittings.

The tubing is polyethylene, rated for ice cube makers and stuff 170PSI operating pressure (which, as it turns out is NOT enough) My next effort will be using copper or ordering the real stuff online.

Here is the repair, basically cut out the busted up tubing, put fittings on the new tubing, and put it back together.

So I filled it up with oil, ran the tops, the top went halfway down. Checked the fluid and refilled it. Ran it again it went all the way down. Wouldn’t go back up. Checked fluid, filled it AGAIN. Top goes up, top goes down.


filled it up again, top goes up, top goes down, like three times. Then top won’t come back up. Look in the trunk, and the new tubing had burst 🙂

So – this repair works, but you have to use the right tubing – either copper 1/4″ or order some proper Nylon hydraulic tubing online, the operating pressure on the tops must be pretty significant to have blown a hole in this hose. Don’t use the home depot poly or vinyl stuff.

I used a copper 1/4 line, problem solved.