Cruise Control circuit/wiring for relocation (changed steering wheel) 

Cruise Control circuit/wiring for relocation (changed steering wheel)

For the Mechanically Sound:

Extend the wires on the yellow plug under the steering column to a desired location and use the wiring diagram I drew up to wire it up correctly.

For the Mechanically Challenged:

Now when looking at these pictures; notice the yellow plug on the wheel? That is the plug that the cruise control comes out on. there is another one like it under the steering wheel column. Look at it closely, the colors should be the same as the opposing plug that goes into it on the factory wheel. If the colors are different for any reason, just match up the wheel plug with the column plug and then just use the wires that line up with the plugs and note the color change so you don’t get confused later. 🙂

Once you have all this figured out you will be ready to proceed with the next steps in extending/ rewiring your Cruise to work. Now, cut the plug under the steering column. but leave enough room so that you can reattach the plug if ever needed. Or unless I’m totally wrong on all my wiring.. 🙂 Go to Radio Shack and buy some more wire to use for extending the unit. If you can find the same colors you’ll be Tha Man! You will also need to take the control unit with you to find some little slide on fittings that will fit on the contacts of the cruise control unit and you will also need some 1/4″ heat shrink tubing.
Run the new wires to where you will be installing the Cruise control unit. Strip the rubber jecket back on the 3 wires being used.
[b][color=blue]Notice I said “3” wires.[/color][/b] The ground wire can be grounded anywhere. The one on the control unit is originally grounding out with the horn. So you will only have to look for the three colors that Ihave on my diagram. Blue, Green and brown. Those are the three wires that you will be extending. After stripping all wires back about a half inch use a soldering gun and heat shrink (for those that don’t know what that is, it is littel rubber tubes that you can slide over an item to be soldered and after the item is soldered together, you just slide the shrink over the soldered area and using a lighter just light that ahd run it under the shrink as though you were trying to heat it up and that causes it to shrink up and attatch itself to the soldered area creating a safe non conductive area so the wires don’t short each other out) to bond the wires at the location where the extended wires meets the steering column wiring. At the end where the control unit is to be installed. Strip back around 1/4 inch of the rubber jacket on the wires and slide the heat shrink on and up the wire some so it’s out of your way. Then put the fitting on the wire and use the soldering gun to drop solder on it and secure it in place. Now slide the heat shrink down to the end of the fitting so that it doesn’t overlap the fitting and use a lighter to get it to shrink into place. This will prevent the fittings from making contact with each other and causing a short/manfunction with your cruise control. As you know you can dissengage Cruise control at anytime by tapping on the brake pedal.
Connect the wires to cruise control unit according to my diagram. Now put a connecter on a separate wire that will be used for the ground. THe ground wire is pretty common sense. Just find a good grounding point and you should be good to go.
Mount your control unit and start cruising the easy way again.. 🙂 Everything should work like factory once you are done.