Installing a Cone Filter

Installing a Cone Filter


NOTE : There were 2 ways of doing this (both by C4nitrousboi and Lonewolf317)

The cone mod is a very simple mod for your car, it is just replacing your stock, bulky air box into a simple cone filter. It allows your car to breathe better and sound better.

Before you do anything, do some research on a braket that will connect to your mass air flow sensor, it will have to be a bracket with a longer neck to support a cone filter.

Compatable brackets for m30: i looked in Subaru forester AFTER MARKET brackets at my local shop, they gave me a bracket that was for a subaru but not sure exactly which one. So what you do before buying a bracket is try the ones they have from subaru until you find the one that fits.(note: i asked for 95 forester from subaru, but the people running the shop had all the subaru brackets in a big container all mixed up, so i can confirim that it came from a subaru not sure exaclty which one) (JECS MAF :22680 I6V00 A36-000 N60)

You can also just get this kit online if you google weapon r intake m30, but the thing cost a little over $100 dollars, when you can make your own for about $20-30 depending on the cone you want.

Next you need to take the old air box out, there are a few screws that are hard to reach, but dont worry about stretching the MAFS pipe because it is pretty durable, so go ahead and move it around.

Then you need to take the old stock bracket and put the one you have aquired, remember it has to have a longer neck after market bracket from subaru.

Then you need to get a rubber boot to put between the bracket and the cone so no dirt or dust can get in your MAFS. then get two metal ties and put them on both ends of the boot.

then the basic part is done. You can leave the the air scoop that recieves air from underneath the hood because it helps push colder air into your cone.


LoneWolf317’s way

Well my cone filter is the poor mans way of doing it you could say ^_^

anyway I used the golden bracket off the original airbox what you have to do is take the chunks of soder that is holding it to the box. after this just bolt that piece back to the MAF sensor and throw a cone filter on it. My friend gave me a cone filter form i think i 1996-1999 honda civic. it didnt fit over the gold piece up fit in it perfectly.