The interior of this car is brown. I wanted to change to a black and gray combo.

This is the door cards that will go into the car: It is black with grey insert.


I kind of want the interior to follow the that darker color theme.



Here is the rear quarter interior panels. they black with cloth insert in the middle.


The M30 has light tan top and leather insert. The lower and side is brown. I want to follow the previous picture, so black all around and the leather piece can be removed and gray cloth put in (the gray cloth doesn’t have to match the picture above).


The M30 back seats have 2 pieces (back and bottom). They are leather. I’d rather have them in gray cloth. I would like the gray cloth to match the rear side panel inserts.


The last part to have a gray cloth is the rear deck panel, where the speakers and 3rd brake light is located.


Dashboard – The dashboard needs repair. They are known to warp and crack. Example:


I thought I got a good picture of it, but it looks like I didn’t. I don’t mind how it’s fixed, even if it is fiberglassed.

I do want the dashboard and the panel that goes infront of it (picture is below) to be painted light black or dark gray (to be similar to everything else)

Carpet – I tried to find a new carpet, but honestly I don’t know anyone who makes them and haven’t found a source.

The carpet is brown and I wanted it to be dark gray (additionally there are small panels that need to match as well). (cover the computers near the feet on each side.



Center console arm rest. I would like this piece to be black cloth.