Kouki Leopard headlights on M30

JDM Headlight Rewire (Thanks to Nissanrules)

The JDM headlights is different from the US spec headlights. The turnsignals are different as well. The JDM leopard headlights use a H3c bulb as a foglight (located where the US spec highbeam is) and uses the combo of H4 bulb for both high and low beam since it is dual filiment.

The US spec, uses 9005 as a Low Beam and 9006 High beam, both seperate bulbs. these are single filiment.

Thanks to deviant who gave me some info.
My friend Megesan who got me the lights.
My friend Justin for helping with the wiring.
My friend Joon for taking me back and forth to the parts store.
the12volt.com for relay diagram.

Here is what you will need.

-2 Relays (12volt 30A)
-electrical wire
-electrical tape
-butt connectors
-female plugs





This part, I’m going to show different parts of the wire up (jdm plugs/relay wire up)



1. Where the High Beam wiring harness is.
2. Where the low beam wiring is, which is also has the wires for the turn signal.
3. Relay.

You will need to cut some electrical wire and put the female plugs in already. After that is done, find a place to put the Relay.


My relay set up


My relay tilted straight back.


1. To corner lamp’s Green wire with white stripe.
2. To foglight’s Red with blue stripe wire.
3. Ground to body of car.
4. To battery.



High Beam
– Red with black stripe wire
– black wire (ground)



Low Beam
-Red with blue stripe wire
-Black (ground)


US corner lamp (bundled with Low Beam harness) MAIN PLUG
– Green with white stripe wire
– ground

JDM Plugs

Foglight (H3C bulb)
-red with blue stripe wire



Main headlights H4 plug
3 wires connect to the back.

-Thick Orange with black stripe
-Thin Orange with blue stripe


JDM plug up close.


The install.

-Remove the grill.
-take off screw on top of cornerlamp and headlight.
-take off bolts by the headlight near where grill was.
-take out screw underneath where cornerlamp was.
– cut after 9006-9005 plugs.

– after cutting your wires and add female plugs to the ends. (4 each side)
– install relay


1. look at diagram and hook up ground (prong 3)and battery relay (prong 4) wires.


2. Hook up relay prong 1 and wire to corner lamp’s Green with white stripe.

Foglight Hook up.
– wire RED with blue stripe to relay ( prong 2)
– hook ground wire to cornerlamp’s ground by splicing it.


H4 wire up.



-Get both grounds from high and low beam and wire them together before you go to the h4 plug.


-Connect High beam wire (Orange with black stripe) to JDM h4 plug (Thick orange with black wire)


-connect Low beam wire (orange with blue stripe) to JDM h4 plug with (thin orange with blue stripe).


If you get headlights that don’t have a plug, this might help you.

From the back of the plug, the high beam wire (Thick orange one) goes to the right side.
The low beam wire (thin orange one) goes to the top.
the ground seems to go to the left side.