M30 digital climate control bulb

I had a digital climate control unit that the lights didnt work. I found out they were super tiny bulbs that you can’t simply find. I changed out the whole unit (and forgot) instead of find a replacement.

For Project Leopard, I wanted to make things fresh, so I wanted to replace a lot of the bulbs in these components. The digital climate control has 4 tiny bulbs in the back.

The OEM part number – 28529-10Y00 or 28529u

I searched for the bulbs and they seem to be discontinued. But I found this link – https://www.nicoclub.com/archives/climate-control-and-dash-light-replacement.html

One of the forum members labeled this bulbs:

12V Microlamps (2-Pack)
Model: 272-1092| Catalog #: 272-1092

Those bulbs were available, but I decided to see what LED bulbs were also available. Now, I’ve had issues in the past with some LED bulbs as they are mass produced and not the best. But I wanted to see if these were the right size and also change the color to hyper white/blue (rather than the green).

I got a 50 pack and I was super happy that they were the right size and fit (was my concern).


I wasn’t sure of the size, but I was glad.