M30 Paint

I’ve been wanting to paint my Infiniti M30. Here is my idea. The M30 I have is two tone. It is called Blue Grey Storm. Top is Blue Grey Storm (paint code: TG0) and the bottom is Grey Metallic. I want to paint the top color the same, just do some light sanding and repaint. This will cut down on small detailed areas (door jambs) or even taking off trim. The bottom color I want to be different. The lower half I want to do Gunmetal Grey (change of the color).

I don’t mind paying for quality as long as it is reasonable.

If you have your own place and have time, I don’t mind help sanding down and taking apart the car (bumpers, fenders, trunk) to help with time and labor.

I will also supply all the paint and body supplies as needed.

I just need someone that can paint, have a place that is clean and there is no significant rush to get the car done. 

Of course all the good stuff after, wet sanding, cut and buff.

Additional notes:

  • There are small dings and scratches on the body, but I will take care of this before the paint job.
  • Front bumper has some paint chipping on the bottom.
  • Additional pieces to paint (and will be off the car):


Fender moulding


Front Lip/chin spoiler


Side skirts and rear valances (not pictured)