Visit to Edo Culture Complex and Kanda Shrine 2020

An few blocks away from Akihabara is the Kanda Shrine and Edo Culture Complex. Beautiful design and like many of these sacred grounds, additional things to see and do.

Kanda Shrine is a Shinto shrine and has enshrined these kami: Daikokuten, Ebisu (part of the 7 gods) and Taira No Masakado (a samurai who fought Heian government).

The Edo Culture Center had some cool items for sale (which is everywhere in Japan). But understanding some of the Edo Period’s history is always cool.

Walking Around Ginza area

I had time to explore the Ginza area before heading to Tochigi. I walked around looking at building Saturday morning. As I was walking to Nissan Crossing, I couldn’t help but look up and love the buildings.

I started to walk further west and came upon Godzilla at Hibiya Square!

As I was exploring when I came near the Kokyogaien National Gardens. I only stayed in the lower part and headed back to the trains shortly after.

As I was heading to the train station and going through an underpass, I couldn’t help but enjoy these spots that set up underneath.

Senso-Ji (Asakusa Kannon) Temple and Hozomon Gate at night 2020

Even though I arrived late into Tokyo, I still wanted to see something. Typically many places in Japan have beautiful night displays and I couldn’t pass the chance of going to Senso-Ji Temple. Going at night is less crowds, but also less access (depending on the area).

I check in the hostel I am staying at and even though it was late, I decided to check out Hozomon Gate and Senso-Ji temple right off Asakusa station.

After getting off at Asakusa station, the exit had some pretty cool stuff!

As I started walking towards the Temple area and it was gorgeous! It’s actually pretty calm at night. I was taking pictures of the structures, signs, figures, art, and building designs as many looked old world vs modern.

The Temple area was surreal. I loved it. It was actually a chill evening.

The history of this temple is for the Goddess of Mercy.

Official website.

Lake Chabot hike

It was the first time to go to Lake Chabot. Tons of places to hike.

Our first stop was in a higher area of Lake Chabot where it’s on the hills.

We later walked drove towards the water area and found a nice place to walk a long the water.

Shorebird Park

We decided to go to another spot near the water. There are 2 Shorebird parks just a couple of miles away from each other. The one we went to was the one that is furthest north.

We walked around for a good 30 minutes. The park area was pretty busy and even had a huge group of families without face coverings… so we stayed out distance.

Ground squirrels are everywhere and friendly. Tons of people were out and kids were playing at the playground (Jacob and Lucas didn’t).

Joaquin Miller Park Steps

Joaquin Miller Park is pretty big like many in the region. This will only focus on the steps. With Covid shutdowns going on, people are exercising more and this place is no different.

A few years back, Jacob, Jasmin and myself were here. The water was flowing and it was very gorgeous.

As we went there during the weekend, it wasn’t as “nice” because the water that flows down has stopped.

Nonetheless, the focus was this was to get some walking in and it was great.

Carrington Steps

Upon searching for a small place to walk, we found some urban steps.

Best place to find it is at the end of Galindo st.

I think my family and I have started to look for places to do small walks and hikes.