Parts that need to be painted.


My name is Roger and I wanted to get a price for painting a few items.

I have a 1991 Infiniti M30. It is of factory paint of blue grey storm (top) and grey slate (bottom). It is a metallic two tone.

Here is the paint codes


I wanted to get a quote on parts that need to be painted.

Here is a picture of my car:


Here are the parts I would like to have painted:

  • Front bumper cover (paint chipped on bottom)
  • Rear bumper cover – oxidation of paint.
  • Rear licence plate garnish (paint is peeling)
  • Right side tail light garnish/bezel (paint is peeling)
  • FRP front chin spoiler
  • FRP side steps (x2)
  • FRP rear half chin spoilers (x2)
  • Fender molding with emblem (x2)
  • Right side door molding (small knick)
  • Left side door molding (scratches)


Front bumper paint chipping


FRP chin spoiler


Rear bumper cover – oxidized paint

FRP rear half chin spoiler


License plate bezel – paint peeling.


Right taillight garnish/bezel paint is peeling.


FRP side step (each side) might need some sanding and cleaning up.



Fender molding with emblem (on each side and emblem can be removed)


Small knicks on the right side door molding.


Left side door molding, paint scratched.


Fender molding with emblems (which can be removed)


Ground effects kit. 2 rear half chin spoilers, 2 side skirts and 1 front chin spoiler.


Additionally, I have a spare trunk lid that is burgundy. I am pondering painting this with everything or wait until I have more items to paint.


Please feel free to contact me