Reference – Passenger compartment relays and fuses


  1. Ignition Relay No.1
  2. Door Lock Relay
  3. Accessory Relay No.2
  4. Ignition Relay No.2
  5. Accessory Relay No.1
  6. Automatic Transmission Control Unit
  7. Time Control Unit
  8. Door Lock Timer No.1
  9. Rear Window defogger Relay
  10. Circuit Breaker (Power Door Lock, Power Seat)
  11. Theft Warning Control Unit
  12. Door Lock Timer No.2
  13. Shift Lock Control Unit
  14. Stop Lamp Switch
  15. Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD) Cancel Switch
  16. Combination Flasher Unit
  17. Kickdown Switch
  18. Blower Relay (High Speed – Automatic A/C)
    Blower Relay (Manual A/C)
  19. Warning Chime
  20. Electronic Concentrated Engine Control (ECCS) Relay
  21. Electronic Concentrated Engine Control (ECCS) Control Unit
  22. Safety Relay
  23. Speed Sensor (on rear extension)
  24. Tunnel Sensor and Safing Sensor
  25. Air Bag Control Unit
  26. Power Window Amplifier