Here are some of the main things to look at. I know you know what you are doing. Just pointing out since there is a lot.

Off the bat.. it was a drift missile! I heard that the hood flew open during a session, but didn’t smash the anything. The hood mounting/tension rods were however bent. I do have replacements though.


Radiator support: Looks slightly off. I couldn’t find a better radiator support to give you.. Hopefully I can get one before the car reaches you. If not, I guess just tweak it again.


I couldn’t find a straight radiator support to give you. But I do have these pieces (silver in color):

I circled the hood latch because the one on Project Leopard is bent up and I got a better condition one with the car.



I got a better condition hood with the mounting/tension rods.


While on the subject of the hood. Here is the zenki cut video:


He cut a good chunk of it so we it an be sized up to how much we want.


M30/ Kouki Leopard hood (notice hood smoother on top).


Zenki hood: besides where I pointed out the differences… the contour of the hood in the middle is more prominent than the flat M30’s contours. Where it starts at the grill and goes up to the windshield. I don’t know if you want to try and flatten that area where I have the arrow pointing near the grill.


My idea is maybe one of those type of vents and maybe blend it a bit with the front of the hood cut?


Itabashi-san gave this idea. He said cut these areas:




I actually want the car to be two tone. I want a bright white (Winter White) with blue pearl and the lower part being silver (Silver frost) or Titanium (Titanium frost metalic).

Perfect example of the color combo.


The fender moulding I have is for the Nissan Leopard.


Front lips.

I am working on the OEM style front lip


But I also got another front lip I want to paint as well.



The Piko racing sides skirts are currently in half. I am hoping to get them done soon enough. If you want to make copies, please do. If you do make copies, let’s just keep it within our group of homies. (Mark, Renny, Roger V, Edrik, Jim and you). Also the rear valances.

Front end

I’ve done the best I could with the rusty bumper support. So I’m glad bout that. I do think I will have to cut it to make clearance for the intercooler, as they did in the magazine.


I have both fenders. In the picture below, the left side fender had some damage near the headlight, I pounded out the dent the best I could, still needed work to follow the body line. But I got a replacement fender.


Body… bumper covers are shit. So those are definitely coming off before it gets to you.

The interior is stripped and there is the typical chassis cracks on both sides when the door is open.

Not the picture, but just for reference.

Engine bay.. the engine bay is dirty. I actually want to kinda do a clean up/ “functional tuck” if that makes any sense.





The theme is the Nismo leopard