Team Reaction

I’ve been on a nostaglic trip lately.. and I can’t talk about 2000s era without my team!


In 2000, I was going to a community college and would stop by a race shop before going home. The race shop was Speedline on South Tacoma Way. I saw my buddy Zol there too and we started talking. He told me that a few other high school friends are putting together a “Race Team”. I decided to hang with them and we formed Team Reaction.It was just a group of us having fun and messing with our cars. At the time, not many people in our town were building their Hondas. Zol had a Legend, I had my Civic with unpainted body kit (but was the only one in town with a body kit), Jackson and Nick had a CRX and Ron had his DA Integra.

Then things started to snowball in general, people started to put their cars together and people wanted to join our team. We started to go to the street races and people would see us. Zol started to work at Speedline, and that really made our team stand out as people would interact with him and he would negotiate deals with people. This also pushed Reaction to have more recognition as people saw his Legend at the drag races and street races. People wanted to join our crew. It was kinda amazing. Our small group was suddenly a prominent force, but it was not longer a small group. While we were mainly out of Olympia, we started having members from other towns.

This is when I would start to organize meetings and cruises. I made a portfolio and handed out to businesses in order to try and get sponsorship or deals for our club. Some of our member started to show their cars and that also garnered attention. Then we got a great sponsorship/hook up. Speed Concept in Oregon (at the time owned by Tony, was also a distributor for many race shops). They would sell us parts AT COST!!! As long as we represented his shop. Over a course of the 2yrs, we would make the trek down to Speed Concept and buy stuff.

We even had a dope website that our friend Rath built and did the graphics, she was awesome! Here was our banner:


It was interesting because we were becoming a known crew in the PNW. There were the street races, car shows and drag racing events held at Seattle International Raceway and Portland. When drifting started to come about, Paul who had purchased a Corolla participated in events in Southern California.

I was personally going down the path of different cars with having 280z, zx, FC Rx7, Cressida, Vigor and M30. I wasn’t going to the events like before, and found myself learning about a lot of these older/underappreciated cars by going to forum meetings ( had monthly meets) or their events (annual Datsun meetings such as Canby).


I was also communicating with many international friends via regional forums and personal homepages. This lead me to finally going to Japan in 2001-2006.



I also moved in 2006 to the bay area that same year.

Fast forward to 2018 –  While times have changed and what not, when I got my M30 entered into RADwood, I had to put on a Reaction sticker. It isn’t just nostalgia, but also a personal goal of showing my car with a Reaction sticker. While this show wasn’t about stanced out cars… it was about 80/90s cars and the M30 was invited by the organizers!

Japanese Nostalgic Car stamp too!!!


So let me go down the list of members we had (To my memory). There were core members who were always around, member who were busy and sporadic due to living faraway or work (but still family) and people who I felt should have been in, who have hung around during the whole time. I’ve also included my international members at the time.

If I missed anyone, let me know.

Jackson and Nick – 88 Honda CRX
Zol – 93 Acura Legend 4 door>96 Civic hatchback
Brian – 2k Civic SI> Mitsubishi Evo
Brian’s Dad – GD Subaru Impreza WRX wagon
Ron – DA Acura Integra (became sporadic)
Justin – EG Honda Civic hatch  (sporadic)
Bryson – 92 Honda Prelude (sporadic, but did alot of shows)
Chris – 2000 Civic coupe
Jeremy – 98 Honda Civic coupe (sporadic)
Damien – 93 DA Acura Integra hatchback
Duy – 2000 Honda Civic coupe SI> 2001 Honda Prelude
Jared – EG Honda Civic hatchback
Jason – GC Subaru Impreza 4 door (sporadic)
Jay – 2000 Honda Civic coupe SI> Z31 300zx
JT – 2000 Honda Civic coupe SI
Kala – 95 Honda Accord 2D (sporadic)
Kenny(RIP) – 2nd generation Mitsubishi Eclipse>99 Mitsubishi 3000GT
Brian – 1st generation Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX (sporadic)
Mark – EG Honda Civic hatchback
Paul – 86 Toyota Corolla
Rich – KA7 Acura Legend 2 door
Kate – 2nd generation Mitsubishi Eclipse (sporadic)
Steve – EG Honda Civic hatchback
Rob – 88 Honda CRX (sporadic)
Ryan – 95 Honda Accord Turbo (sporadic)
Tito – 95 Nissan 300zx TT
KC – 93 Acura Legend 4 door
Ricky – DC Acura Integra
Josue – 93 Nissan Maxima
Crissy – 92 Honda Accord (sporadic)
Gene – 95 Honda Civic coupe (sporadic)
Stewart – EG Civic hatchback (sporadic)
Travis – 96 Civic coupe (sporadic)
Vuong – 2000 V6 Honda Accord 2 door
Charles – 95 Honda Civic hatchback (sporadic)
Alvin – 93 Acura Integra
Tommy – 88 Honda CRX (sporadic)
Mike – 93 Honda Accord 4 door
Makara – 98 Honda Accord 4 door (sporadic)
Sokhim (RIP) – 90 Honda Accord 4 door (sporadic)
Abdul – 96 Honda Accord (sporadic)
Ray – EG Honda Civic hatchback (sporadic)
Jonny – 95 Acura Integra
Cameron – 2000 Accord sedan V6> 95 S14 Nissan 240sx
Justin – CD Honda Accord 4 door (Hung around)
Tony – DA Integra (Hung around)
Myself – 93/2k Honda civic hatchbacks, 89 Nissan 240sx fastback, 86 Mazda RX7, 92 Acura Vigor, 90   Infiniti M30

Members in Japan:
Megesan –  Nissan S13 Silvia> Nissan A31 Cefiro> Nissan R32 Skyline, Nissan C33 Laurel> Nissan R33 Skyline 4 Door

Takashi – Mitsubishi Mirage> Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
Kamo – 95 Toyota Starlet turbo
Nao – 1st generation Toyota bB
Nobuo – 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX 4 door
Miyashi – 3rd generation Legacy Wagon
Kazuya – C33 Nissan Laurel
Masa – Mitsubishi FTO
Sato – Toyota Sera
Kuma – 2000 Mitsubishi Galant VR4
Ryota – 99 Honda Torneo SiR
Ryusei – 99 NB Mazda MX-5 roadster (Miata)
Yushin – 96 Toyota Supra
Kosei – 98 Subaru forester
Eita – 91 Suzuki Cappuccino

Toma – 92 Mazda Sentia (929)
Ren – 90 Mazda Eunos 300
Ryuki – GD Impreza WRX
Akiyama – B4 Legacy sedan

Jim – 96 BA Mazdaspeed Lantis V6

John – Nissan DR30 Skyline

Andy – 98 Honda Civic Type R
Cheng – 95 Honda Integra Type R



Please tag and share this so I can see what everyone is been up to! This is a dedication to our Team!!!

On a side note – I am rebuilding one of the US’s iconic Infiniti M30s. RB25det is being rebuilt, Repainting the whole car, redoing the interior… and put on the only Zenki F31 Leopard front end in America. I will being putting a Reaction sticker on it and the plan is JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Show).



And of course… building a Kaido Race car and VIP car too.


A personal goal of mine was seeing this Kaido Racer. Noguchi-san had built this car and like many that has been used as a parade car, it sits being unappreciated. Fortunately, Noguchi-san said I could have the parts ( Long nose hood, extended fenders, large overfenders, rear bumper and shrimp tail. Even the takeyari pipes.

A kaido racer build is a different build. There are guidelines that people don’t realize.