The Project Car Magazine M30 rebuild

One of the well known F31s/ M30s was Koji’s car. It was the Project Car magazine M30. Koji  and Project Car magazine M30.

I lost track of the car and then Cameron hit me up informing me he owned the car and uses it for drifting.

I eventually got an update when Cameron had it for sale and Jon repurchased it. Jon was the person who bought it from Koji.

It is a daunting task from a Magazine quality car to this drift car. He wanted to bring it back to it’s former glory. 



He started clean it up and also reconnected with Koji and to see what see what parts were needed. Koji verified that everything was there.



I was excited to see this car with the intentions of bring it back to it’s former glory!!! Unfortunately, Jon had had a career venture that took time away from his projects and he decided to move away from this project.

He tried to sell it on a few platforms, such as craigslist and even on forums such as Ziptied. I didn’t know the outcome of these posts.

I like to catch up with people and so I wanted to see how he has been. We talked caught up and I was surprised he said that he turned down people because he wanted the M30 to go to a good home. I wasn’t looking to get the car, but when he offered it to me and I told him that currently I have some things going, he still said he wanted it to go to me.

I told him if he don’t mind holding it, I’ll eventually get it. He said it was all good!.

Now the Project Car M30 has historical significance to me. Jon felt that same way about it, so this will be a car that I can’t let down.

As for now, we just have an agreement to hold and purchase… but I can’t wait!!!


Last year, I was thinking of


I honestly want to build a track car (not for drifting) and I think this will be that car.