F31 Trunk emblem write up and comparison

Original Post from 2006

Removal of the Infiniti Trunk emblem/Install of the JDM Leopard Emblem

Going JDM huh? Need to get the correct badges for the car.

Item needed:
JDM leopard Trunk Emblem

Tools needed:

  • 10 mm socket.
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • Flathead screw driver


Remove the liner that is on the top of the trunk, to expose the wires for the sensors near the emblem, unplug.

You will see the latch and the sensor. The latch is held by 2 bolts and the sensor is held by the screw (just above the latch).

Undo all 3.

You will see through the trunk skeleton the back of the emblem.

There are 2 things that are near the emblem.
1.emblem sensor (trunk pop switch)
2.shim (holds in place)


the emblem sensor has a C shaped clamp around the emblem. To remove, use a flat head to lift one side.

With the shim, you’ll have to wiggle it left and right to get it off.

After the shim, the emblem will come out with minimal resistance

put the emblem on and the shim after.

the trunk pop sensor will NOT sit snug on the Leopard emblem’s stock.
it will fit on it, but not snug. You can see where the sensor would be
be and the difference on the emblem’s post.


The trunk pop switch would go around the stock of the M30’s emblem. You can see the grooves.


Leopard emblem stock has not grooves.



-bolt the trunk light sensor back
-bolt the trunk latch back on
-plug the wires
-put the trunk liner back on..

Test the trunk pop switch and test the keys


This is my original picture in 2006, The sensor/button is for the entry card.


This is for changing out the Key cylinder in these emblems.

  • on top, take out the e clip.
  • then you see the spring attached, undo the spring
  • then side the emblem off to the side and from behind, use a punch or screw driver to pound out the key cylinder.

If you ever get a leopard emblem with no keys or if you want to use your existing key, do this and you can use your old trunk key cylinder. You can also use any other Nissan emblem such as from an Altima or Stanza that are close to our own.