Turn Signal/ running light swap

Turn Signal/ running light swap(Thanks to Nyeark)


Standard disclaimer: Turns out this renders the car unable to pass inspection, or so the guy said. I thought (and still think) he’s full of crap, he said the turn signals have to be visible from the front of the car – and they are, but I figured it’d be easier to swap them back rather than try to persuade him.

You’ll need to remove the corner lamps and the front turn signals, and you will need a soldering iron, some solder, electrical tape (or heat-shrink), and about 15-20 minutes.

Simply cut the wiring harness off each lamp, leaving at least an inch, preferably 2-3 inches on the harness side. Strip about a 1/4 inch of insulation off each side of each lamp, and then swap the harnesses. Meaning, pair the corner lamp with the turn-signal harness, and vice-versa.

Solder each pair back together (if you are using heatshrink, remember to put it over the wires first) and then electrical tape over the bare wire & solder to prevent shorting. The wires should be color-coded: red=12v hot, black=ground, simply match the two together – solder red to red, black to black. Be generous with the tape or heatshrink, shorted-out lights = bad. Recheck your soldering to make sure you didnt solder red to black – if you do this, you will definitely blow the lamp, and you could possibly fry your car’s electrical system.

If you want, and you probably should so you can further reduce the already remote chances of an FAC busting your balls about the swap, get orange bulbs for the corner lamps, which are now your turn signals. I think the front marker lights look better orange, but you can put white bulbs in if you want.

Go reinstall all the lamps and then plug in the appropriate harnesses. You’ll have to reroute the turn-signal harnesses to reach the corner lamps, but they reached just fine on my car, so you ought to be fine.

Then, flip on your running lights and hazards, step back, and enjoy yo’self and your rearranged lighting (assuming it works – if it doesnt, recheck your soldering).