Wandering Leopard and the Infiniti Dealership challenge

Any pictures I get, I will post here:

Infiniti Dealership Challenge


I wanted to give my personal take.

Living in the Bay Area, I was surprise to see quite a few. So I’ve kinda been going to each spot and taking pix.


1. Niello Infiniti


2. Infiniti of Fairfield


3. Infiniti of Oakland (closed)


4. Infiniti of San Francisco


5. Infiniti of Marin


6: Infiniti of Dublin

I didn’t even realize it, but France has Infiniti dealerships!!! WTF. I would have gone there and took WL pictures… damn it. I will make it happen in 2019.

Settle for Renault and Infiniti’s store in Champs Elysees.

Vancouver BC

I am heading there in a few months, but I also didn’t realize there was a few Infiniti Dealerships there!!!

  1. Infiniti of Richmond BC
  2. Infiniti of Downtown Vancouver BC
  3. Morrey Infiniti near Burnaby
  4. Infiniti of North Vancouver BC 
  5. Openroad Infiniti of Langley
  6. Campus Infiniti on Vancouver Island (Not done)

To southern California, towns are spread out. There are 3 in central California

  1. Infiniti of Modesto (not done)
  2. Fresno Infiniti (not done)
  3. Infiniti of Bakersfield (not done)

In Southern California, there are quite a few, even more than the Bay Area!!!


  1. Infiniti of Valencia 
  2. Infiniti of Oxnard (not done)
  3. Infiniti of Thousand Oaks (not done)
  4. Infiniti of Van Nuys (not done)
  5. Glendale Infiniti (not done)
  6. Metro Infiniti (not done)
  7. Infiniti of Montclair (not done)
  8. Infiniti of Beverly Hills 
  9. Cerritos Infiniti 
  10. Infiniti of South Bay
  11. Orange Coast Infiniti (not done)
  12. AutoNation Infiniti Tusin (not done)
  13. Infiniti of Mission Viejo 
  14. Infiniti of Oceanside (Mossy) 
  15. Perry Infiniti of Escondido
  16. Kearny Mesa Infiniti 
  17. Infiniti of Palm Springs (not done)