Wiring up the horn for aftermarket steering wheels

Wiring up the horn for aftermarket steering wheels

Credit to Onevia

To make the horn work you’ll need to do some rewiring:

Loosen 2 screws holding the windshield wiper lever on the right side of the steering column.

Loosen them just enough to open a gap to feed wire through.

You’ll need to make a short jumper. 5 inches should be long enough. I soldered a pin to the end of my jumper.

Or you could reuse the connector on the spool instead.

On the other end, I soldered a paper clip that I shaped like this. It will be used to contact the metal ring on the bottom of the hub. A better way would be to use a flat metal strip which you could secure with a screw.

You’ll notice slots in the plastic around the steering shaft. Insert the paper clip into a slot. You can shape the paper clip to fit snug in the slot.

Next, feed the wire through the gap you made when loosening the windshield wiper lever. Slide the windshield wiper lever back in and tighten the screws.

Feed the end of the wire through to the bottom.

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo
Which wire into which hole?

Aaha! It’s in the airbag harness.

Tuck underneath the steering column.

You should end up with something like this. It is good to apply the grease to the paper clip supplied with the hub. (Note: Depending on your brand of hub, you may need to leave the plastic covers off until the last step)

Make sure the paper clip aligns with the ring on the hub for good contact.

Adjustment may be necessary.

There should be a wire inside of the hub. To test if the horn works, touch the wire to any metal part of the hub. If the test is successful, mount the steering wheel onto the hub.

Attach the wire to the terminal on the horn button. Pop the button into the steering wheel and test the horn. For those with a quick release, don’t mount the steering wheel and continue on with the installation below.

For those with a quick release hub
Your steering wheel should have came with a ring. Your hub may also have included one, too.

It will be installed on top of the hub.

The quick release hub should have two wires on it. Connect one wire to the tab on the ring and the other to the wire from the hub like so.

Mount the quick release hub.

Attach your steering wheel. The quick release should have 2 terminals in the center. You’ll need to attach a jumper from each terminal to your horn button.

You may or may not need 2 jumpers. The horn button has a wire spring to contact the hub’s inner surface for ground and 1 terminal to the horn. I needed 2 jumpers to make it work as you can see. The second wire is wrapped around the wire spring on the button. Plug the jumpers into the 2 terminals and install the button.

Now we are horny once again.