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Welcome to Project Leopard Revival.

The purpose of this page is to focus on the rebuilding of Project Leopard. The idea of a restomod with mostly era/period correct parts. Part of this journey is also working with the original Builder, Marco of SR20 store.

I decided to make this sub page off F31club because the blog of Project Leopard didn't feel exciting to me. I then thought about doing Project Leopard Revival with a RETRO style website and that made me really excited about it.
Retro car, retro style build, documented on a retro style website.


This is version 3.0 front page of the Retro build. Spec page has been .

Finishing up a few other pages and I'll be done!

The website is a tribute to websites/homepages of the early 2000s. It will NOT be linear and will have different pages for that effect. Ads and graphics are meant to replicate the free webpages of the time.

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