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My old RWD cars minus my 90 Cressida.

While I help run F31club, anyone that knows me, knows that when it comes to cars, I am actually inclusive. I love all aspects of the Import Car scene. While I never made it to the level of a race car or a show car, I have always enjoyed taking pictures, visiting shops and talking people.

Many of these meets came about from forums. I went to rx7club.com monthly meet, Honda-tech, NorthwestNissans, Nissan Pacific… just any meet I found interesting and when friends invited me. Forums were the social media back then and it was pretty cool to get people together at these meets.

When I started going to Japan, it was out of my own pocket. I was not military. There was no translation software on cellphones. So everything had to be direct language.





Couple of quick notes:

  1. To enlarge, click on image, when single thumbnail, click again.
  2. All pictures from the early 2000s were from my SLR with film. Rolls of film (I got 24 shots per roll) and getting them produced were not cheap. So I had to make sure my shots were good. Unlike today’s digital imaging, you can easily take 100s of photos and the cell phone does good enough in both dark and motion.
  3. Free webpages and slow internet at those times had limitations to space. So images were always reduced.
  4. The early 2000s was a different era to tuning. The mindset, the creativity, custom modifications (both done professionally and DIY), there were tons of companies offering parts… It was simply a different time. The style of cars can be different.
  5. Communication was difficult back then. I met many people from Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan through their homepages (everyone made free homepages). There wasn’t translation software or Facebook to connect. It was direct language and emails.
  6. I had tons of photos from the 2001-2003 era that I lost pictures when my computer fried. Many of them from Japan.


Car Events:

2 Events, 1 Day: All Japan ES meeting (Shizuoka) and Stance G Nation (Tokyo) – October 2016

30th Annual Nissan Leopard meeting – Hamamatsu, Japan – October 2016

Suzuki Cappuccino meeting – Hamanako Garden Park – October 2016

Visit to Carshop Friend (Nissan Leopard shop) – Kanagawa – 2016

BAM – Bay Area Subaru meet – Fremont, CA – 2016

Blox Evolution – San Francisco – 2016 – Meeting with Van Kulture!!

Berserkaru World Tour – 1 on 1 meet up – 2015

Velocity Motorsports – Vancouver BC – 2015

These pictures from 2006 were from my birthday trip to Yokohama. I spent time with my friends. I was suppose to comeback in 2007 and we were suppose to meet Simasima and go to the Leopard meeting.


Parking lot – Corolla meet – 2006

Parking lot – VIP cars – 2006

Visit to R30 Skyline Pro shop STS – 2006

Visit to Nismo – 2006

Visit to RE Amemiya – 2006

Visit to R Magic – 2006


These pictures from 2004 were from my Osaka trip with Nobuo. He took me around to various shops and I met with the owners. This is where I learned “Japanese tuning shop” etiquette.

Trip to Osaka, Japan – 2004

Impreza meeting and Six Star Magazine photoshoot – 2004

Visit to Bori’s Factory – 2004

Visit to Wald – 2004

Visit to Trial – 2004

Visit to Kakimoto Racing – 2004

Visit to Signal Auto – 2004


My old computer crashed and a long with it were many of my 01-03 photos. But They were all in Yokohama and Tokyo.

Trip to Japan – 2003 – Club Honey

Team Reaction Yokohama meet – 03

Trip to Japan – 2002

1st Trip to Japan – 2001

How I met Megesan – 2000


JDM Theory – San Francisco – 2007

team-integra.net meet – San Francisco – 2007

MB meet and BBQ – 2007?

MotorFX shop opening meet – 2006

Freakmont Nissan meet  – 2006

Elk Grove Nissan Opening – 2006

Norcal240sx.net Cruise – 2006

Southern California F31club meeting – 2006

Field of Dreams – drift practice – Belfair, WA – 2005

NW Maxima meet – Renton, WA – 2005

Small TR meet – 2005

D1 – 1st D1 in Seattle – 2005 (I was a staff member)

Cannonball – R A31 Cefiro (I almost bought) – 2004

SCCA club rally and SCCA Rally event (2 events, but mixed pictures) – 2003

Visit to Motorex – 2001

Visit to Stillen – 2001 – (lost pix)

Visit to VIS Racing – 2001 (lost pix)

Visit to Wings West – 2001 (lost pix

Visit to Bomex office – 2001 (lost pix)

Nisei week – Little Tokyo – Los Angeles – 2001 – Probably one of the coolest shows I’ve attended.

Hot Import Nights – Delmar Fairgrounds, San Diego 2001 –

Import show off – Irvine 2001

Canadian Tuning shops – AJ Racing, Garage 5, Revolution, Next Level and Minnam Racing – 2000

Boom 2K – Vancouver BC – 2000

NIRA @ Seattle International Raceway – 2000

Northwest Shops – Fastlane, Speedline, IMS, Ultraspeed, Drift Office and Speed Concept



My 2000 civic hatchback in 2003 before attempted theft/damage.