Boom 2K – Richmond BC – 2000

I was good friends with a few of the OG shops back then. Garage 5, Zero Four, Revolution, Next level… So Andy (Revolution) invited me to the annual carshow, Boom. I think the shop that held this event was called Boom Cars plus Toys. I believe this was at the Lansdowne Centre.

Anyways, I’ll explain in a different post, but I absolutely loved Vancouver BC’s scene.

I was working the 12hr night shifts that weekend, but decided that when I got off at 730am (in Kent, WA) I would drive to Richmond BC and take pix for a couple hours and home before my shift starts at 7:00pm. Well, an extended stay at the show and border traffic left me to getting back to Kent at about 6:30pm. Slept in my car for 30mins and busted an other 12hr shift at the machine shop. Next day, I had the pictures processed.



3 thoughts on “Boom 2K – Richmond BC – 2000”

  1. Thx for the cool pics. Question, was this really 2000?
    Looks like the camera stamp was 98

    • Hi Brian,

      I never messed with camera settings when I was younger. Just took the pictures. They were just for me anyways, but I decided to share on F31club.

      But the show as called Boom 2k (2000). Some of the guys that went to the show, I still talk to to this day! Dovid (the Rev Odyssey) is a good friend!

      • Wow that’s awesome. Well thank you for sharing these gems. I actually love to nerd out on this stuff and have been collecting my own time machine off of everyone else’s collections, so, if you have more or know anyone… lol, so far I cover 2021 to 1994 at close to a million pics. You could call me an og fan of the scene although this is a side project I’ve been chipping away at since around 2015. I’m in Canada. Still have my sc400, Corolla, and Jeep. Anyways, thx again! 🙂

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