Boom 2K – Richmond BC – 2000

I was good friends with a few of the OG shops back then. Garage 5, Zero Four, Revolution, Next level… So Andy (Revolution) invited me to the annual carshow, Boom. I think the shop that held this event was called Boom Cars plus Toys. I believe this was at the Lansdowne Centre.

Anyways, I’ll explain in a different post, but I absolutely loved Vancouver BC’s scene.

I was working the 12hr night shifts that weekend, but decided that when I got off at 730am (in Kent, WA) I would drive to Richmond BC and take pix for a couple hours and home before my shift starts at 7:00pm. Well, an extended stay at the show and border traffic left me to getting back to Kent at about 6:30pm. Slept in my car for 30mins and busted an other 12hr shift at the machine shop. Next day, I had the pictures processed.



2 thoughts on “Boom 2K – Richmond BC – 2000”

  1. Thx for the cool pics. Question, was this really 2000?
    Looks like the camera stamp was 98

    • Hi Brian,

      I never messed with camera settings when I was younger. Just took the pictures. They were just for me anyways, but I decided to share on F31club.

      But the show as called Boom 2k (2000). Some of the guys that went to the show, I still talk to to this day! Dovid (the Rev Odyssey) is a good friend!

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