Infiniti Dealership Challenge

Updated section: (email so I can add pictures)

A dealership photo shoot challenge isn’t anything new. Many cars have done it. It a way it is like a car returning home. In 2006, Brian (SexyM30), Brandon (Slidewayz), Ricky (C4nitriousboi) and I (roger211) went to Sacramento for the grand opening of the Elk Grove Nissan dealership.  After that we went to the Elk Grove Infiniti Dealership and went to the parts dept.

Anyways, we took pictures of our M30s in front of the Infiniti dealership. We lost those pictures…

A few months ago, Taguchi-san and I were talking. He’s helped me so much in understanding the leopard. I asked him what he wanted. He said pictures of my M30. I was caught off guard, but I asked him of what (like interior or Left had steering)? I was puzzled. He laughed and said, “American background”.

Made me think. How could I give him something unique. The reason why I felt it was hard is because Japan has tons of nice backgrounds. But I kept thinking. Then it hit me.

“Infiniti Dealership, Golden Gate Bridge, Downtown San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Oakland…”

So I went out and took these pictures:


Taguchi-san was happy. He said that since Infiniti is not in Japan, it was very exciting to see.

Simple idea – The Infiniti Dealership should be a place of significance for the M30. This is a place of Infiniti significance. Let’s show it by:

  1. Taking a picture of your M30/Leopard in front of an Infiniti Dealership.
  2. If your car isn’t present, take a picture of you being there.
  3. Or 3, have something to represent you. For instance, I have a 1/43 F31 to project at an dealership.

So that is the back story. Mark (Strikevalk) took pictures recently as well:

Infiniti of Honolulu

So Mark put it out the “Infiniti dealership challenge” In a way, it is the M30 sitting at it’s old home.


For me, the Bay Area has quite a few. Unfortunately One in Oakland closed this year and the one in Colma (near Daly city) closed years ago.

1. Niello Infiniti


2. Infiniti of Fairfield


3. Infiniti of Oakland (closed)


4. Infiniti of San Francisco


5. Infiniti of Marin


6: Infiniti of Dublin


Ryan T sent me these:

I believe they are were taken at Jim Lupient Infiniti in Minneapolis, MN.

Here is Albert’s Burgundy M30 at the Lynnwood dealership



In Vancouver BC dealerships with “GoLep”

Wandering Leopard and BC Infintiti dealership Challenge


In Southern California

Infiniti Dealership Challenge – SoCal


Infiniti Pavillion with GoLep


Pacific North West (Oregon and Washington)

Infiniti Dealership Challenge – Pacific North West


San Jose and the Peninsula of the bay area

Infiniti Dealership Challenge – San Jose


Arizona dealerships

Infiniti Dealership Challenge – Arizona