Infiniti Dealership Challenge – Arizona

Last time I was in Arizona, I totally forgot about bringing a 1/43 model and forgot to check out the dealerships as well.

I made sure I would do it this time.

There are 5 dealerships. 4 within the area I was at and 1 in Tucson, which was more than an hour away. I was gonna go to Tucson to do it.. but it just didn’t seem logical to go out there for 1 minute and drive back. So I decided not to go to Tucson.

Here are the dealerships:

  • Coulter Infiniti
  • Infiniti of Scottsdale
  • Infiniti of Peoria
  • Infiniti of Camelback

After arriving Thursday evening, I had nothing else going on… so I started to go to the dealerships.

I started by going to Coulter Infiniti.


I then started to head to Infiniti of  Scottsdale.


Then to Infiniti of Peoria:


Lastly, Infiniti of Camelback.



Immediate Phoenix area completed!