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Here I want to compile businesses and services that have been verified to be good business through personal experience.






Carshop Friend This is the F31 shop in Japan. It is an official Nissan Licensed shop. There is no overseas transactions, so most are done in personal.


Redstart Racing – Ben at Redstart has supplied me with decals when I needed them. They offer performance parts and do custom automotive wraps. Located in Tacoma, WA.


Old Motors – Great automotive photojournalism with history. It’s easy to for people to take pictures with their phones, but it takes more to be a real photographer. It also is great to see history being attached to photos. I love history and I love automotive history. Alex has done a great job and I have to promote this.



RADwood – RADwood is an inclusive show that features 80s/90s theme and setting. The cars need to match as well. I’ve participated in 2 RADwood shows and I love it. It is a better feel as the focus is on era specific cars and those cars are not the typical stanced cars. The approach is more of an enthusiasts approach, so you will find modified to bone stock cars. It is a show that you can find you 80s exotic super cars to you daily driven sedan.





Japanese Nostalgic Car – JNC has some pretty good content and articles. I also love (bias) the fact they don’t always ignore the M30. They have actually done a good job with coverage on so man levels!




Phase 2 Motortrend –  manufactures parts. They have helped a couple of RB swapped M30s.


Syko Performance –  makes RB swap parts that cater to both the RB community and LHD cars. Prominent is the Syko exhaust elbow used to go past the steering shaft in LHD cars with swapped motors.



Resizing Photos? One of the best resources online!!!

Bulk Resize photos

Family travel blog 

I wanted away to document my non-car related experiences and travels. So I made a sub-directory to show my experiences. An idea I got from JCrapps, the original owner/developer of F31club.