F31 Meetings/会議/MTG


M30 owners in the US are far apart. Additionally, not all owners are M30 enthusiasts. It has been a big challenge setting meetings up. Having more than 2 M30s has always been an issue. When I had momentum and the morale on F31club was high, I mentioned doing some meet ups. I was able to organize the Northern California meet. This was followed by the Southern California meet. Which lead to the 8 M30s record. In 2016, I made the trek to Japan for the 30th Annual Leopard meeting.

*If anyone has M30/F31 meets, send pictures and a quick description to f31roger AT gmail.com


Here are the meets and events:


Classic Car Festival, Kyushu – February 2019 – submitted

Shikoku Meeting (Miyama and Noguchi-san) December 2018 – submitted

WL Emerald City Prowl: Jim P, M30 convertible house – November 2018


Wandering Leopard: Saga continues 2018

Suwako (Lake Suwa) Old Car festival – F31, Leopards and brothers – November 2018

4 Brothers, different locations – November 2018

Okini, Kyoto and Osaka – October 2018

Takamatsu Udon meeting – October 2018

Kyushu Missions:

Leopard and Gundam house Tochigi – October 2018

Dinner with Qaz and the Ikebukuro Tomica Premium mission – October 2018

To Saitama with a big box – Oct 2018

Surprise greeting from Kimura-san at Narita airport – October 2018


Hokuriku retro owner, Toyama – October 2018 (submitted by Shinbo-san)

Infiniti M30 at Japanese Automotive Invitational, Pebble Beach – August 2018

Wandering Leopard: Cali Love retrieval mission – August 2018

Y31 Cima/Gloria/Cedric + F31 Leopard 31st Celebration meeting – July 2018

Japanese Nostalgic Car’s RADwood Greatest hits 2018 – My M30 is in the article!!!

Old Car Event, Iwate June 2018 – submitted

F31club Hawaiian crew get together – January 2018

M30s chilling at the shop – January 2018 (submitted by Al)

Evergreen Open drift event – November 2017 (Submitted by Al)

Lake Suwa show – November 2017 (submitted)

Bees Meeting – Fuji Speedway – November 2017 (submitted)

Old Time Car show in Hokkaido – October 2017 (submitted)

Hawaiian mini meet/dinner – October 2017

31st All Japan Leopard Festival in Fujinomiya – October 2017

Sunrise Seto mini meet (Kuze, Kubo-san and Roger) – September 2017

Enoshima Island mini meet (Satoshi-san and Roger) – September 2017

Saitama mini meet (Suenaga and Himura-san) – September 2017

Evergreen Open drift event – Aug 2017 (submitted by Al)

Iidabashi mini meet 2 (Ogawara, Itabashi, Kimura-san and Roger) – Aug 2017

Yokohama mini meet (Satoshi-san and Roger) – Aug 2017

Iidabashi mini meet 1 (Kuze-san and Roger) – Aug 2017

Sacramento mini meet (Kue and Mike) – 2017

Stanford University Mini Meet (with Jacy) – July 2017

Hunter’s Point Mini Meet (Ricky, Gil and Roger) – July 2017

10th Burning car meeting – Iwate 2017 (submitted)

Hawaiian mini meeting (Yuuya and David) – June 2017 (submitted)

Cruise to Mishima Skywalk- May 2017

31st Anniversary Leopard meeting – Hakone – May 2017

Yokohama and Daikoku Futo meeting – May 2017

Saitama Mini Meet (Suenaga, Yamashima and Roger) – May 2017

Shiga mini meeting (Tsutomu, Shuichi and Roger) – May 2017

Yamaguchi mini meeting (Junya and Roger) – May 2017

Takamatsu mini meeting (Satoshi and Roger) – May 2017

Nostalgic 2 Days – Japan – 2/18/17 (submitted)

New Year leopard Meeting – Atami January 2017 (submitted)

Hawaiian Meeting (Renny, Kenny, Mark, Denny and Roger) – September 2016

Journey to Carshop Friend (Meeting with Satoru, Mr. Kubo and Mr Kanazawa) – October 2016

30th annual Leopard meeting in Hamamatsu – October 2016

Osaka Meeting (Kazuho and Roger) – October 2016

Stance G Nation – Odaiba, Tokyo (Kyouhyou, Mie, Yukio, Hideya, Sano and Roger) – October 2016

Mini Meet up with SlappinM30 – November 2016

Portland Mini meet (Jay and Roger) – November 2016

29th Annual Nissan Leopard meeting – 2015 (submitted)

Carshop Friend Thanks festival – 2015 (submitted)

Southern California mini meeting (Desert 8) – April 2010

Southern California mini meeting (socal72 and M30Leopard) – January 2010

Hawaiian mini Meetings

San Jose Mini meet – (Chris, Jacy, Roger) – 2007

Northern California Meeting – Part 1 May 2006

Northern California Meeting – part 2 – May 2006

Sacramento Meeting – October 2006

Southern California Meeting – November 2006 *8 M30s

San Francisco mini meet (Jacy, Ricky,Roger and Gill) – 2007

1st Documented M30 meeting – Hawaii (Kenny and Mark) 2003/4

Here is a picture of the mini meets that we had. I met with many M30 owners. Unfortunately after the hack,  we lost many of these pictures after the Southern California meeting (Los Angeles).  Here are the synopsis of those meetings.