Strikevalk meeting with F31pilot and SlappinM30

So we have been planning this for a couple weeks.  I knew that Mike (slappinM30) was down to meet up.

Kue (F31pilot) said he was down to meet up as well.

So it was set in motion!!!

After some texts the next day, Kue dropped a bomb on us. His availability was after work, which was 11pm!!!! We know that either we were gonna only hang as a group for a few minutes… or we were gonna be leaving LATE like 2am. LOL.

Guess which one happened…



After I got off work, Mark and I got all the m30 stuff from my storage that needed to go with him. He then decided on booking his flight and the time (he was leaving Thursday).

I stopped by Antelope which is on a different highway (80), to get toys for my son. We then headed to Mike’s spot.

Mike greeted us and showed us his office set up!!!


Mark has never seen a 3D printer work, so Mike started it up. While I was there, I asked him to make an F31club emblem. He spent 10mins tracing the logo and then started to make keychains!

He’s my brother, so I do not ask things for free and paid $20 for them.

It was Midnight and we were all hungry. So Mike took us down the highway to Jack in the Box. Mike ordered the 2 tacos for 99cents.

So it’s midnight, we are hanging at Jack in the Box and Kue meet with us. He parked and we started talking.

It totally reminded me of when I was 19-20 yrs old, Friday night/Saturday morning, eating Jack in the Box after the street races! LOL. 


We headed back to Mike’s and we just kicked it there til about 2am. I still had a 1.5hr drive back LOL.


F31club Sacramento meet up! Complete!