About the F31 chassis

Dedicated to the Infiniti M30 and Nissan Leopard F31 Chassis Code Cars

The term “F31” Refers to the Chassis code for the M30 and leopard.


So you bought an M30..

Here are the basics about it and some of the common problems/issues.

Some convertible issues and repairs



About the Nissan leopard Zenki (early model) 

About the Zenki Nissan Leopard Ultima Grand Selection

About the Zenki Nissan Leopard Ultima 

About the Zenki Nissan Leopard XS-II

About the Zenki Nissan Leopard XS

About the Zenki Nissan Leopard XJ-II

About the Zenki Nissan Leopard XJ

About The Zenki Nissan Leopard convertible

About the Nissan leopard Kouki (late model) 

About the Kouki Nissan leopard Ultima Grand Selection

About the Kouki Nissan Leopard Utlima

About the Kouki Nissan Leopard XS-II

About the Kouki Nissan Leopard XS

About the Kouki Nissan Leopard XJ-II

About the Kouki Nissan Leopard XJ

About the Infiniti M30 Coupe

About the Infiniti M30 Convertible  

About the Autech Zagato Stelvio AZ1

About the Autech Zagato Gavia

About the Nismo Ultima Leopard

About the Nissan Leopard Ultima X

F31 Engines and swap options

F31 keys and keychains

OEM wheels

Official F31 colors – Under construction

Kouki GF31 vs UF31 Bumper differences

Rear side window trim differences

F31 Kouki turbo bumper grille cover

Optional Gold Package

Infiniti M30 intake plenum covers

Kouki headlights –  under construction

Zenki headlights – under construction

Zenki tail lights bulb guide – Under construction

Kouki F31 tail lights bulb guide

Genuine Infiniti M30 lip

Genuine Infiniti Dealership options for the M30

The 5000 M30s myth

The post that lead to the 5000 M30s myth

The M30t myth

Slick top M30s?

Leopard and M30 car covers and hood bras

How many M30 Convertibles are there?

Update: 1992 Infiniti M30 production numbers.

Update: 1991 Infiniti M30 production numbers saga continues

First Nissan Leopard on US soil

Leopards and M30s in Europe

Leopards in Oceania

F31 Leopard TV units

Leopard Cars and Coffee

F31 Tuning – Drifting

F31 Tuning – Lowrider