Leopard cars and coffee

In 2006, I was searching yahoo auctions and saw some pretty cool Leopard items. At the time, I didn’t even know many of those items were for the F30 leopard (often marked with Power Elite).

I saw what I thought were shot glasses with the leopard insignia on it.

I made a post called Toast to F31club members

This is what I posted:


I thought these were super cool! At the time, I saw a few sets, so I didn’t think much of it. Fast forward to years later and I craved having these!

Recently they popped up on auction and I snagged them for $9.00. I don’t think the boxes are available with them. Here was the description:

rare Nissan Leopard glass two ☆ Showa retro ☆ old car ☆ LEOPARD ☆

LEOPARD  on the part of, but it is hard to understand iron is in marked glass is two height of about 7.5 centimeters to drink a population of about 7 centimeters image, scratch, the current no-in dirt, etc. There you how many minutes it is an old hand goods because photo.


Interestingly, I didn’t know the glass portion actually separates from the metal piece.! So I’m glad to get this item as they are rare now.

Here is a list of some of those gift items that were themed for the F30 Leopard. I’ve seen the pen tray and golf putting tray.



To add to the collection, I also got these from Carshop Friend.


Kuze-san had one of these!

Then I saw these today:

These novelty items are pretty cool and helps with collecting memorabilia for a certain car. The Nissan Leopard not being as mainstream, these items are not plentiful or have had high production numbers. It is cool to get these items and just how in your car (at least that would be my intention).

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